Your Safety And Care Is Our First Priority

We at Arya's Dental Clinic strive to provide our patients the best possible care and that's the reason we brought CAD/ CAM technology to our clinic in year 2012 which enables us to deliver fixed teeth in just one day.

You will be surprised to know that we are the only clinic in Central India that has CEREC and can offer fixed teeth in one visit with CAD/CAM. Over the period of these 5 years we added many precision tools to our force that includes intra oral welding machines, Bredent Implants and many such technologies that has helped our patients in great way.

In 2016 we added CBCT technology to our force and we can proudly say that we are the only clinic in central India to have an in-house CBCT.

What is CBCT and What does it do?

CBCT stands for Cone beam computed tomography. In lay man language it is 3D view of conventional x-ray. CBCT allow greater understanding of patients and moving imaging beyond pure diagnosis to include planned treatment simulations and image guided treatments.

Why did we decide to invest in this technology?

There are many reasons why we decided to invest in this technology and the primary reason for us is

1. Your Safety

With CBCT the radiation dose is lesser. Less radiation dose means the exposure of your body parts to X-rays which can lead to many complications.

2. Your Convenience

CBCT is mandatory for Implant and many other dental procedures. We had to send our patients to diagnostic centers which was quite inconvenient. It was sometimes responsible for delay in the treatment, but that won't be a problem now.

3. Better Treatment 

The information that we get helps us in better treatment planning. The extra information is invaluable, from finding impacted tooth locations in children, to asymptomatic endodontic lesions and pathology in all of our patients.

What will be the next technology?

The next exciting technology that we see is 3D printer and the combination of CAD/CAM and CBCT technology. This will allow us very precise restorative-driven implant placement and many more.

The future is truly exciting!