aaah...What I wouldn't do to chew nuts again!!! (Part I)

If we had a penny for every time a patient said something like that - We could close down the clinic and retire early :)

We wax eloquent about aesthetics and smiles and cosmetic dentistry but the fact of the matter is - that - most patients just want to be able to eat. Eat their favorite foods comfortably. “Without worry and without pain.

For the majority of our lifetimes we take our dental health (or the lack of it) for granted. We avoid dentists like the plague and treat dental clinics like abattoirs. You enter only if there is absolutely no way out of the so called torture.

All of this works out quite well for a reasonable amount of time - but sooner or later you start paying the price. Losing teeth - sometimes at an alarming rate.  A period of time goes by and your diet switches to softer and softer foods till a time arrives where you may be surviving on little more than bread and milk.

You may have one tooth missing or all.

You may or may not be having removable dentures.

The dentures don't really help. You still can't enjoy your favorite foods.

This is when the craving starts. 'Ah to sink my teeth into an apple again' or 'those nuts look ever so tempting' or 'chicken.....hmmmmm'.

We understand.

And the good news is - YOU CAN. If at least now you take the trouble to visit a dentist.

Dental Implants have changed the lives of several patients with missing or no teeth.

Fixed teeth are possible at almost all ages, in almost all patients (unless you have a severe systemic disease) f almost all teeth. You may need just one fixed tooth or you may need 28 - YOU CAN HAVE THEM.

If you were brave enough to have undergone the procedure of a tooth removal (extraction) then you are brave enough to undergo a dental implant surgery. The anesthesia is the same. The length of the procedure is just a little bit more. The post operative precautions are almost the same. You walk in - get the procedure done - walk out. No hospital admission. No scary stuff.