• Our team of dentists is the backbone of our commitment to excellence. We are proud to have the best team of dentists in Nagpur. With a Prosthodontist and Implantologist, Periodontist and Implantologist, and Orthodontist, all boasting an average experience of 12-13 years in dental practice,

  • We ensure that every patient receives the best possible care. Their expertise and dedication are the pillars of our clinic, instilling confidence in the quality of our services.

  • Our team has associate doctors who have a minimum experience of 3-4 years after their bachelor of dental surgery and we ensure that they all have undergone advanced training to keep them up to date with current modalities of practice.


Dentist in India



  • We boast of an in house laboratory where All Ceramic restorations can be fabricated in a single day.

  • We also personally supervise all other restorative work at another laboratory close to our facility.

  • Having an in house dental laboratory not only gives us an advantage to deliver the treatments faster but also helps us to maintain quality every time we serve our patients.


Dentist in India



  • New models/ machines/materials flood the market practically every week in all fields but none so much as dentistry.

  • Hence we take special effort to keep our self abreast with market trends and research so as to be able to identify and source the best for our patients.

  • We have invested in CBCT, class B autoclave CEREC Omnicam/ Milling, LASERS, Apex locators, Electronic shade guides, Digital radiography, Intra Oral Welding Machine Rotary instrumentation among countless other advancement.


Dentist in India



  • As an expert in matters of hygiene, we offer a comprehensive product portfolio for maximum hygienic safety in the dental practice this meets the high requirements of large sterilizers in hospitals that operate with 3-fold fractionated pre-vacuum stages to ensure complete steam penetration for items that are difficult to sterilize.

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