Are You One Of Those People Who Keeps Covering Their Mouth With Their Hands Whenever They Smile

You really are not the only one. And even if you do not do that - you definitely know someone who does.

The reason - Too conscious of teeth which are protruded or discolored or have spaces between them...,

All so easily treated.

A little lady walked in - with spacing in the upper front teeth. She wanted to be rid of them...and soon!

On a closer look we realized that not only she had spaces between her teeth, the teeth were not shaped normally and one tooth was missing congenitally.

We explored possibilities for treatment and found given the time limit ( she had 1 week) , Porcelain veneers were the best option. We also advised her depigmentation procedure for her blackened gums but she decided to defer that for a later date.

Porcelain veneers can correct -

  • 1. Spaces between teeth
  • 2. Imperfections in tooth positions
  • 3. Discolored teeth
  • 4. Worn/oldish looking teeth
  • 5. Fractured teeth
  • 6. And a few other things.....

She came in with a self-conscious smile- and a week later went out feeling like a million bucks because of a brand new smile.....

Now if only other things took only that shorts a while to fix, we'd all be the ideal weight and height :)