Ballet and the Dentist CEREC

After you have practiced a few years – you begin to feel like – you have seen it all and done it all and the rest of the years are going to pass in the same repetitive manner. And then along comes something like CEREC to jolt you right out of that melancholy. The clinic’s CEREC AC and OMNICAM arrived a few days back and it was like Christmas had come early this year.

All the doctors at the clinic were like kids left alone at a toy store. The first restoration was designed and milled yesterday and when you see for yourself that restoration being created out of a block of nondescript ceramic in 4 min flat – you suddenly begin to feel a whole new energy course through you. Like you are a fresh pass out – just out of dental school and ready to take on the world.

And forget the doctors – the effect on the patient is incredible too. The first CEREC patient at the clinic could barely contain his glee as the OMNICAM just scanned his teeth and reproduced a digital image on the computer screen. The elimination of physical impressions and all the putty in the mouth is just one of the many things patients would be happy to be rid of.

But when Mr X saw his restoration being milled by the CADCAM machine right in front of him in such a sophisticated manner – he was just blown away.

In a profession which is projected to the general public as a world of injections, discomfort, multiple appointments, terrible tasting materials and a yawn fest – CEREC is like watching a ballerina levitate across a stage. Movements requiring such precision and strength yet performed with such elegance that it draws your eyes and stirs your soul.

Treat yourself to a ballet performance. Get a CEREC restoration.