Brace Yourself Part I

Right around the age of 8-9 years - the parents of the child start to worry about the alignment of the teeth. 

Too Big?

Too Out?

Too many spaces?

Too much space???

Too toothy?

They ask themselves. Then ask their relatives. Then they ask the children themselves.

At that age - most children are blissfully unaware of how they look (ahhh now if only we could retain that self confidence all our lives) 

So finally when their children show no interest or self consciousness the parents abandon the entire idea of braces till Boom!! Fast forward a few years...The child is now 16 and suddenly feels he/she has ugly teeth and a super ugly smile (This may not be the truth but that’s what the child feels)

That's when the parents finally decide to see a dentist. 

Now 16 is not late to align your teeth and age certainly is no hindrance nowadays - however the schedule of most kids these days are busier than most Heads of State and Cardiologists. 

6 am - Tuition

8 am - breakfast

9 - 4 - School

5 pm - Basketball class

6 pm - Music class

7 pm - Tuition

9 pm - Collapse into bed

Sound familiar? 

This schedule peaks right around the time the child passes 10th and does not stop then till they are safely ensconced in some medical or engineering college. 

Therefore it becomes all the more imperative that any treatment begins much earlier. 

Most Ortho cases last 14 months to 24 months. Hence the earlier the child is brought in (all factors being favorable) the faster treatment can begin and finish. 

It is never too early to show your child to a dentist. Sometimes some corrective treatment is possible at a very early age thus reducing time for final treatment. Jaw growth etc is then able to be manipulated in case needed. 

However, if you do fall in the category of the late realizers - never fear. Like we said - braces are possible at any age. You just need to find the time for the treatment. 

Visit your dentist today. 

Consult. Discuss. And then finally come to a decision if treatment is needed and when would be the best time to start.

Work towards building your child's confidence today. 


Brace Yourself Part II