Choose A Better Smile

Have you received the best treatment possible? This is a question every patient must ask themselves.

When we talk about the best treatment possible – we don’t mean whether your dentist did a wonderful RCT or a beautiful crown. What we mean is – Did your dentist see your potential? Did he inform you of everything that COULD be done instead of only what SHOULD be done?

A lot of dental practitioners have blinkers on – just like horses. You tell them you have a tooth hurting and all they see is THAT tooth. There may be stains and tartar all over your mouth which could be easily removed. There may be crooked teeth which could be straightened. There may be big gaps between teeth which could be corrected.

But all they see is THAT ONE TOOTH which they will treat. And you will leave the clinic happy in your ignorance. There could have been so much more done to improve your teeth – health wise and cosmetic value wise.

So in case your dentist is one of those people – YOU take charge. Ask him or her to look at your mouth as a whole. Request him to tell you what is wrong and what is not. What can be improved and what cannot. Then choose. You may choose not to do anything at all or you may like to change a lot of things.
Grasp that power of choice. Make informed decisions.

"We cannot become what we need to be, remaining what we are."
Max Depree