Dental Tourism And The Tiger Capital Of The World

Over several holidays/educational trips and the like over several years - we have come to one very simple conclusion. Dental treatment in select clinics in India now is at par with the globally accepted standard of care. Moreover - it’s cheaper and how! It’s no wonder then that India is the hot new hub of dental tourism.

On an average an implant procedure costing around 3000-5000 USD in the USA could potentially be had at around 700-1000 USD in India. That is approximately at one third or less. So imagine if you have 3-8 implants to be placed in your jaw. You could potentially save around 10000 USD minimum. This stands true not only for dental implants but for most other dental treatment procedures including root canal treatment, cosmetic procedures like veneers, bleaching and others. 

So what would you do with the extra cash? You could use the money for a return air ticket to your place of interest in India, holiday, travel around the country, live in luxury hotels AND get your dental treatment done and still have money to spare for those new jeans you have been thinking of buying. 

Located in the city of Nagpur, we'd imagine all wildlife/tiger fans making a beeline for what is being touted as the 'Tiger capital of the world' or 'Gateway to Tigerland'. Among the many sanctuaries close to Nagpur are the Pench National Park, Tadoba National Park, Kanha National Park and a little further off Bandhavgarh National Park. The closest airport to most of these parks is Nagpur. There are 1411 tigers in India at last count with most of that number located in central India accessible from Nagpur. 

Nagpur, being just over an hour away from Mumbai/New Delhi by air, is easy to reach. Being less expensive than either Mumbai/New Delhi or any other touristy place, Nagpur means that your dollar/euro can stretch much further travelling and treatment wise. 

However a fair word of warning, ensure that you contact your Indian doctor/dentist by email before venturing to book anything. Does your research, plan well ahead, speak to the doctor and then go ahead. 

A good dentist does not mean 100 testimonials on their website or constant advertisements on Google ( though this is not an indication of a bad one either :)) Call the dentist or email him/her. Make sure you get the facts of your condition across and hear the complete treatment plan. Trust your instincts. But reserve your judgment till you have all the facts out in the open. 

If you still like what you hear and see - Welcome to India and maybe even Nagpur for a happy holiday and a better smile.