Are You Selfie Ready?

Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other social networking sites have ensured our presence everywhere. You can be seen in an instant by relatives in Canada, potential suitors in Gurgaon or even your old student now posted in New Zealand or Doha.

The fallout of the above is a heightened awareness of how we look. Every time the selfie click is heard - the first thought in a lot of people's mind is - “Can this be my next facebook or whatsapp profile pic?" :)

Of course not everyone necessarily is that eager to keep changing profile pictures - but if you are honest with yourself - whenever you do post a picture - you do try to find your most flattering picture, don't you? We all hate having our unflattering pictures plastered all over.

So what makes for a flattering beautiful picture? Is it flawless skin and a perfect set of teeth? Is an outfit or makeup? Is it the camera man's talent or the lighting?

There is no doubt that all of the above contribute, but they are NOT a foolproof technique of ensuring a good picture. 

Pick up a magazine, take a look at the television - what is it about a person that makes you look twice at them? What makes you turn around and take a second glance at a person? What makes a person stand out in a crowd?

It is their CONFIDENCE. Not arrogance, not pompousness. Just Confidence. A feeling which comes when you are comfortable in your own body. When you know your strengths, you are aware of your weaknesses and you know they are not the end of the world.

Confident people know what is wrong with their bodies, faces, smiles and correct them if they can. If something cannot be corrected - they accept those flaws and love themselves.

Confident people get jobs and keep them.

Confident people do not worry about how to begin conversations.

Confident people are liked and admired.

Sparkling eyes, a healthy energy and a great smile go a long way in ensuring you are filled with confidence.

You shouldn't need to leave your visiting/calling card anywhere. Your face is your calling card. People should remember you as the smiling, confident man/woman they met a year ago. 

Work on your confidence. And it will work for you!