Happy People Make For Beautiful People And Beautiful Smiles

“As you think, so shall you become.”

There is something to be said about happy people. They always look beautiful. They may have imperfect complexion, flawed bone structure and less than spectacular smiles and yet they make you want to look at them again, and again. 

Maybe they appeal to something deep down inside you. With their childlike excitement and positiveness surrounding them they make us want to believe that there is hope, all the time, everywhere. 

This is such a rare thing today with the news channels playing morbid artists painting dreary pictures all the time and people all around playing reluctant muses.

People who can absorb all this negativity and still come out smiling are such a rarity that is amazing to be in their presence. They make themselves beautiful just by being who they are. 

Now if only we could find a 'happy drug' - we would put it in a little goodie bag for all our patients!!! :)