The Right Way To Brush Your Teeth

A lot of dentists advise you a million odd things. They tell you to get fillings done or scaling/cleaning done. They may tell you that you need teeth replaced. However a great many forget to tell you that a lot of dental problems can be prevented. A little care, the correct brushing technique and a regular check up can prevent a host of dental disease.

So even if no one has ever explained to you the correct technique - it is never too late to learn.

We don't really need fancy brushes and expensive toothpastes. Any brush or paste from a standard company will do the job. All you really need is the correct technique.

Here is a list of a few things you can do to keep your teeth healthy:

1. Change your brush every three months irrespective of how new it looks
2. You don't need more than a pea sized blob of toothpaste.
3. Press the paste into the brush/or tap the brush so that the paste goes down between the bristles.
4. Do not exert excessive pressure as you can damage your teeth and gums.
5. It is recommended that you use a SOFT bristle brush unless specified by your dentist.
6. Clean your tongue.
7. Massage your gums with your fingers gently.
8. Not all patients require a mouthwash. If you are using one or want to use one - make sure you speak to your dentists about it. OTC mouthwashes are a dime a dozen - some of them have a few side effects. So make sure that you speak to your dentist before using one long term.
9. Flossing is an ideal way to supplement your brushing however if you are not going to do it regularly it doesn't have much value.

So Happy Brushing you pearly whites :)