Tiger Sightings Royal Meals And Incredible Luck

Our previous post was all about tigers and dental treatment - combined. Not exactly together but if you are still confused - read "Dental tourism and the tiger capital of the world". 

Anyway, so to prove to ourselves that Nagpur could indeed deserve the title - Tiger capital - we undertook a little tiger sighting expedition on our day off. And guess what? Not only we spotted the king of the Jungle - we spotted his queen with her four cubs. How that is for a royal get together? And to make things all the more interesting - the cubs and the mother were right in the middle of a royal meal. As we watched the cubs tear the hapless deer into little bits, we couldn't help but be amazed at our stroke of good luck.

And yes...we did think about how spectacularly strong their teeth must be. Well we are dentists after all!!! We can't help it.

But most of all we just soaked in Nature in all her glory. The sweltering heat of the city left far behind, we just relaxed in the cool embrace of the forest and her generous hospitality.

The final thought in our mind as we left the forest unwillingly on our way back home was -" We are definitely coming back'. 

Because as a saying by Logan Pearsall Smith goes - 

'What humbugs we are, who pretend to live for Beauty, and never see the Dawn.'