We Can Never Get Enough Of White Sparkling Teeth

Everybody wants whiter teeth. We haven't met one person in my entire life who said - “I want my teeth a little yellower or darker. I find them too white". And we don't believe we ever will.

Skin color on the other hand is different. There are lots of people who want fairer skin but there are an equal number who actually love tanned skin. That's why fairness creams do as well as tanning parlors and vice versa.

But teeth - ah teeth - we all want them white. Maybe because white is associated with clean - and white teeth mean clean teeth!! That is one theory.

So what do we do if we are not one of the lucky ones? The ones with the shiny white teeth who flash them at every given opportunity and make the rest of us who are not similarly blessed, feel so miserable?? Do we resign ourselves to a lifetime of sad yellow teeth that we try to keep hidden forever through tiny smiles and controlled laughter?

We'd say one big emphatic - "NO".  Change it. Make them the way you want them to be.


First we need to find out what’s the cause of the yellowness or the dark color.

Is it merely a case of superficial stains and food lodgment?

Is it a case of intrinsic stubborn stains?

Or is it a severe case of tetracycline stains or dental fluorosis?
There is a cure for all. All you need is a dentist who will correctly diagnose the problem.

If your teeth's natural white color is hidden beneath layers of tartar and stains accumulated over years of inadequate brushing - all you will need to unveil your pearly whites is a thorough scaling and polishing. Just one sitting will be enough on most occasions. After removal of the plaque, tartar and stains - your teeth should look as good as new.

However certain stains are intrinsic. This means that they will not come off with scaling. If these stains are lighter the treatment would involve scaling followed by teeth bleaching. This line of treatment would result in a tooth shade 3 times lighter than the shade you began with, which would mean significant whitening.

And finally if the dentist should judge your teeth to be beyond the scope of scaling or bleaching as can be in the case of severe dental fluorosis or tetracyline teeth staining - then porcelain veneers could be your answer!!! Read more about porcelain veneers at rid yourself of spaces....

A smile is an incredible thing. It breaks barriers..forges friendships... begins relationships... nurtures some and more.... be confident about your smile. It’s worth every trouble and every expense in the world!